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Tyro Group continue to grow its portfolio companies across Europe through both acquisition and organic activities.

Each group company focuses on providing professional pest management and associated services such as food safety, hygiene, landscaping, and wildlife services, specific to their geographic requirements.




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Pelias, established in 1987, is a key figure in Norway’s landscape of pest control, hygiene, and food safety service providers. With an experience that spans more than three decades, Pelias has built an enduring reputation based on quality, reliability and a comprehensive range of services.

The company operates nationwide, ensuring that its 200+ team of trained and dedicated technicians provide expert services throughout all the counties in Norway. This strong local presence, bolstered by its robust team, enables Pelias to deliver quick and efficient services no matter where the customers are located.

Pelias’s services extend across three primary domains – pest control, hygiene, and food safety. In pest control, Pelias provides expert solutions to tackle a variety of pests, ensuring a safe, pest-free environment for both commercial and residential premises. In the hygiene field, Pelias offers a comprehensive suite of services to maintain clean, healthy, and safe environments in all types of properties.

The third area, food safety, is particularly critical given the company’s role in preserving public health. Pelias delivers quality food safety services, ensuring that all food-related operations meet the strictest cleanliness and safety standards. This work has a significant role in preventing foodborne illnesses and preserving the community’s overall health.

Pelias serves a diverse clientele, providing its services to corporate clients, residential customers, and the public sector. This wide range of service areas speaks to the company’s versatility and ability to adapt its solutions to meet different customer needs.

On top of these services, Pelias also remains committed to best practices in environmental stewardship. As a company, it recognises its role in contributing to a sustainable future and aims to carry out its operations in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

For more details about Pelias and its services, visit their website at https://pelias.no/.